Understanding the Occurrence & Nature of Violence in the Military

Research Paper Title At Risk for Violence in the Military. Abstract Understanding the occurrence and nature of violence in the military entails appreciating: Military culture; The sociology and demographics of its personnel; Military training; Combat experiences; and Injuries and illnesses that veterans suffer. The military is grounded in the principles and practice of conducting violent… Read More


What are the Predictors of Suicidal Ideation among Military Personnel with PTSD?

Research Paper Title Predictors of suicidal ideation among active duty military personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder. Background Given the alarming rate of military suicides, it is critical to identify the factors that increase risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours among active duty military personnel. Methods This study examined a predictive model of suicidal ideation among… Read More

Rest & Recuperation (R&R) in the UK Armed Forces: Linking Recovery, Well-being & Effectiveness

Research Paper Title Rest and Recuperation in the UK Armed Forces. Background Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that military personnel commonly remain psychologically resilient in the face of adversity they face on deployment. However, the processes that promote resilience have not been well assessed within the UK military. For many years, the UK Armed Forces have operated a policy… Read More

Military Trauma: A Concept

Research Paper Title Soldiers Can Take It – A Conceptual Analysis of Trauma. Purpose This article will analyse the concept of trauma and illustrate distinctions between accepted definitions and actual meaning. For populations at high risk for exposure to traumatic situations, such as Special Operations Forces (SOF) and deployed military personnel, delineating the beliefs and… Read More