Why Veterans Struggle with Addiction

Introduction Veterans may be done fighting in the military, but many people do not realise that some continue to fight addiction and substance abuse. And, it is more common than people may think, which is why addiction help for veterans is available. But, why are veterans more likely to struggle with addiction anyway? How Common… Read More


Cannabis Use Among Military Veterans

Research Paper Title Cannabis use among military veterans: A great deal to gain or lose? Abstract Policy changes have resulted in dramatic increases in access to cannabis for medical purposes. Veterans are disproportionately affected by conditions for which medical cannabis is often pursued, making an evidence-based perspective on risks versus benefits of high priority. The… Read More

Post-Deployment & Resiliency Factors

Research Paper Title Resiliency factors that protect against post-deployment drug use among male US Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers. Background Service members who have been deployed are at risk for substance use, especially Reserve/Guard troops. However, it is unclear what modifiable factors protect against substance use in this at-risk population. The objective was to… Read More

How Blood Testing Is Important In The Military

Enlisting in the military is never an easy thing to do, and the screening process is quite difficult. The endurance that you need for you to stay in the military will not make the endeavour a walk in the park either. While training is physically strenuous, this is only to prepare you for the even… Read More

Linking Deployment, Military Sexual Trauma & Alcohol Problems

Research Paper Title Deployment-Related Military Sexual Trauma Predicts Heavy Drinking and Alcohol Problems Among Male Reserve and National Guard Soldiers. Background Military sexual trauma (MST) is associated with a range of deleterious mental and physical health consequences; however, far less attention has been paid to the associations between MST and negative health behaviors, such as… Read More

Linking Deployment Status & Child Neglect Types

Research Paper Title Deployment Status and Child Neglect Types in the U.S. Army. Background Increases in combat deployments have been associated with rises in rates of child neglect in U.S. military families. Although various types of child neglect have been described in military families, it is unknown whether deployment status is associated with specific types… Read More

Britain May Be About to Experience A Sudden Epidemic of Problem Drinking among Old People

A report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists proposes that the recommended daily limit of alcohol should be 1.5 units for people aged 65 and over. The authors of a paper in Age and Aging (2013, doi:10.1093/aging/aft039) point out that this means more than three million senior Britons could become alcohol abusers overnight.