How Blood Testing Is Important In The Military

Enlisting in the military is never an easy thing to do, and the screening process is quite difficult. The endurance that you need for you to stay in the military will not make the endeavour a walk in the park either. While training is physically strenuous, this is only to prepare you for the even greater physical requirement that is needed from your body once you have been accepted.

As a part of the military’s health, safety, and precautionary measures, it is common to have regular health testing done. How important is it really? Find out more below.

1. It Can Show The General Health Condition Of The Body

The last thing that the military would ever want is for them to be liable for any serious illness or death of any of their members simply because they have been negligent. Factoring in the nature of the job, it is but normal for members of the military to be conscious about how their health is doing. Hence, medical centres are in place even in military camps to allow the soldiers to have their tests regularly. Thanks to technology, there are also services such as those provided by Health Testing Centres, wherein getting lab tests and acquiring the results are made easier and faster.

In general, blood testing is conducted to double check if a soldier is still fit for the job. Should the military find that there is a member who is temporarily unfit for the job, they should be sent home for the time being. As part of their recovery process, they must first check in with a doctor to make sure that there is not anything more severe and problematic that they have to worry about.

2. It Can Determine Possible Communicable Diseases

The last thing that you would want in your military base is for numerous members failing to report for work because of the spread of infectious diseases. Naturally, when you are in the military, you are sleeping in a shared dormitory or barracks. When one falls ill, there is a high likelihood of the others contracting the same illness as well.

Without blood tests, it will be tough for the doctor to determine what is wrong with the patient. What may have been thought of as a simple infection from wounds could already be something more serious internally. Remember, disease and viruses spread like wildfire. It is crucial, therefore, that you have to be on your guard if you are at risk of spreading any infectious diseases.

3. It Can Determine Who Is Fit (And Who Is Not)

Supposing, for example, you send out to the scorching heat of the fields a soldier, who, unknown to everybody, has been experiencing high blood pressure. Imagine the horror if this person suddenly collapses, has a heart attack, or gets a stroke. You are going to be liable both for their life and even for the family that they will leave behind.

Blood tests can help determine the overall health of your internal organs such as your lungs, heart, kidney, and liver. The earlier that an abnormality is discovered, the better, so that serious medical incidents can be avoided altogether.

4. It Can Help Military Base Operators Manage The Soldiers Better

In most cases, you would not be allowed to enter the military if you have severe underlying health concerns. This is precisely why regular health and blood testing is required of those who want to join, to prove that they are fit enough. However, there may be cases when a soldier may fall temporarily ill while on duty, or that illness is a sign of a potentially serious problem. If the symptoms are minor, chances are you would not know yet that you are seriously sick, and you might still be kept within the camp. Doctors and nurses need a way to confirm their diagnosis of your temporary illness, and they can best do this by subjecting you to a blood test.

5. It Can Help Monitor Substance Abuse

Let’s face it: soldiers are people, too. Like anyone, it may be difficult to stay away from vices. Considering the nature of their work, it is normal for some soldiers to suffer psychological problems. Some may still experience effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, especially if they have been sent to war. Others may be emotionally missing their family, especially when it is their first time to be deployed. People cope in different ways, and unfortunately, there are others who turn to toxic substances to relax and to free themselves of any anxieties.

When you willingly and knowingly submit yourself to substance abuse, you know what the consequences in the military are. It poses a serious threat and danger to those surrounding you in the camp. Remember that while in the influence of toxic substances, you also are not able to think properly. Blood testing is one of the best ways for this to be controlled and determined.


Ask any military veteran about how their job was and they will surely tell you that it was nothing close to easy. The stress piles up, not just physically, but in all aspects, whether emotionally or psychologically. It is not surprising that soldiers can be at risk of serious illnesses considering the nature of their job. Because they are away from their families for long, it is crucial that they keep themselves healthy. Part of this mandatory health check is undergoing blood testing.


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