Developing Models to Extend the Capabilities of Existing Predictive Fatigue-Management Tools

Research Paper Title Models for Predicting Sleep Latency and Sleep Duration. Background Planning effective sleep-wake schedules for civilian and military settings depends on the ability to predict the extent to which restorative sleep is likely for a specified sleep period. Here, the researchers developed and validated two mathematical models, one for predicting sleep latency and… Read More


Why Is Sleep Vital For Top Athletic Performance At Your Next Boot Camp?

Military boot camps are renowned for demanding the best from participants, with cardio, strength, resistance, and other exercises allowing you to hone your physical fitness. If you have signed up for a boot camp, without a doubt you have read about the importance of training and nutrition – but one area you might definitely have… Read More

Research: TV & Sleepy Time

Watching television before bedtime is the most influential factor in determing how late children go to sleep. With a use-of-time approach to investigate what children aged five to 18 years were doing 90 minutes before bedtime, researchers found that screen sedentary time dominated the period before sleep, and was associated with later sleep onset. Most… Read More