6 Supplements That Can Help You Achieve Great Fitness Results

Introduction Working on your fitness goals is amazing – you not only get to be physically healthier but there is also the feeling of satisfaction that goes along with it. In order to achieve great results, though, it is not enough to simply put in the work and do your exercises. You also have to… Read More


UK Military Medicine & Gut Research

There are currently no on-going MOD-sponsored research programmes that specifically consider the gut. However, the Military Enteric Disease Group (MEDG) is in the process of evaluating changes in gut microbiota in relation to Service personnel who have been diagnosed with ‘Traveller’s Diarrhoea’. There are no plans at present to implement any changes to extant MOD… Read More

Childhood Wheeze & Asthma: What is the Role of Probiotic Supplementation?

Research Paper Title Probiotic Supplementation during Pregnancy or Infancy for the Prevention of Asthma and Wheeze: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Study Question Is probiotic supplementation during pregnancy or infancy safe and protective against the development of asthma and wheeze? Summary Answer There is currently no clinical evidence to support a protective association between perinatal probiotic… Read More