5 Essential Ways to Support Your Ankles During Training

The ankles are often the most injury-prone parts of your body used during certain boot camp workouts, and yet, your entire performance is dependent on these joints functioning at their very best. Any damage to them could cease your training immediately. Don’t miss the following tips and precautions you should follow in order to avoid… Read More


Mitochondria: Hot Stuff!

“YOUR body might not get much higher than 37°C on a normal day, but it turns out that the insides of our cells can reach close to 50°C. The mitochondria in our cells burn food to produce energy. Unlike a fire, this is a controlled process involving several steps, but it still generates a lot of… Read More

The Benefits of an Active Warm-up

Research Paper Title Effect of Active Warm-up on Metabolism Prior to and During Intense Dynamic Exercise. Purpose This study investigated whether active warm-up (AW) would increase muscle acetylcarnitine concentration before exercise, thereby reducing the reliance on nonoxidative Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production during subsequent high-intensity exercise. Methods Six female subjects performed a 30-second sprint at 120%… Read More