British Army to Introduce Gender & Age-neutral Fitness Tests

The British Army is to scrap fitness tests that make allowances based on gender and age and will introduce new “gender and age-neutral” physical assessments, the Ministry of Defence has said. The new physical employment standards tests, which will be rolled out during 2019, have the general aim of ensuring all close combat soldiers are… Read More


An Assessment of Physical Fitness in Military & Security Forces

Research Paper Title Assessment of Physical Fitness in Military and Security Forces: A Systematic Review. Background The aim of this systematic review was to comprehensively study the physical fitness test and batteries used by military and security forces. The ultimate goal was to propose a physical fitness test battery to be used in military and… Read More

Materials Handling Ability in the British Army: Any Difference between Regular & Reserve?

Research Paper Title Materials Handling Ability of Regular and Reserve British Army Soldiers. Background The main objective of this research was to compare the materials handling ability, aerobic power, and body composition of fully trained Reserve and Regular male British Army soldiers (∼6–7 years of military experience). Methods Twenty-one Reserve soldiers and 15 Regular soldiers… Read More

What is the Relationship between BMI & Physical Fitness in Army Cadets?

Research Paper Title Relationship between body mass index and physical fitness in army cadets. Background While the importance of physical fitness for cadets is well-documented, no study has ever been conducted to investigate if there is an optimal BMI for physical fitness in army cadets. The aim of this study was to examine the association… Read More

An Innovative Solution For The Canadian Military’s New Training Programme

Research Paper Title An Innovative Solution For The Canadian Military’s New Training Program. Overview On April 1, 2014 the Canadian Armed Forces implemented new Minimum Physical Fitness Standards in a program called FORCE, aimed at updating their approach to military fitness.  The FORCE Evaluation contains four different test components each specifically designed to measure different physical capabilities… Read More

What is the Purpose of Fitness Assessments?

Purpose of Fitness Assessments: General Perspective Assessment of individual fitness should be performed on a regular basis and convention suggests at the beginning and end of training so that meaningful comparisons can be made and improvements quantified.  If training is over a longer period then testing in the middle of the training programme will also… Read More