An Innovative Solution For The Canadian Military’s New Training Programme

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An Innovative Solution For The Canadian Military’s New Training Program.


On April 1, 2014 the Canadian Armed Forces implemented new Minimum Physical Fitness Standards in a program called FORCE, aimed at updating their approach to military fitness.  The FORCE Evaluation contains four different test components each specifically designed to measure different physical capabilities and replaces the 30-year-old EXPRES Test.

The FORCE Evaluation differentiates itself from the EXPRES Test by evaluating the participants ability to execute tasks that tend to be more closely linked to actual situations and physical challenges faced on various military operations.  Whereas the EXPRES Test was more closely focused on traditional methods of physical ability like push-ups, grip tests and endurance running.

The Challenge

One of the four new physical ability tests in the FORCE Evaluation is the Sandbag Drag.  This activity requires the participant to carry a 20kg (44lbs) sandbag and pull four sandbags on the floor for over 20 meters (65.6 feet) without stopping.

This activity was being performed in indoor facilities and was soon found to be the cause of severe damage to the floors of the facility.

The Canadian Military reached out to Sport Systems to find a unique and innovative way to solve this problem in a time efficient manner, so as to keep this new training initiative running smoothly.

The Solution

The team at Sport Systems quickly went to the drawing board, utilizing their innovative R&D department to design and implement a solution that not only would protect the floor surfaces, but also be deployed and stored quickly and hassle free.

The team efficiently planned and designed an anchored wall-to-wall floor protection system.  The system was designed to withstand the dragging of multiple 20kg sandbags for an extended period of time.  Sport Systems developed the floor protection system of out their 30oz heavy-duty and ultra durable floor cover, the same material used for their Gym Floor Cover protection systems found in schools and athletic facilities across North America.


Unlike most R&D projects, this one was tied to a tight timeline to support the roll out of the Canadian Military’s new FORCE Evaluation program.  Sport Systems utilized their 35 years of experience to design, manufacture and implement this innovative floor protection system when time was of the essence.

Today, this system is applicable to any military installations throughout Canada and abroad.  These systems can be found on HMCS ships, Air Force, Armed Forces and Navy facilities across Canada.


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