Some More Tips for Successfully Completing Boot Camp!

A slightly different take on yesterdays seven tips for successfully completing boot camp, or any other intense training experience, with some advice by WikiHow which suggests there are 10 tips:

  1. Talk to a military recruiter
  2. Get all the benefits that the government is offering
  3. Do not lie about drug use and criminal records
  4. Prepare yourself for basic training, a.k.a. boot camp
  5. Demonstrate leadership qualities
  6. Be motivated
  7. Never make excuses or say “I don’t know.”
  8. Learn to cooperate with people that you might not like, and may not like you in return
  9. Keep your cool
  10. When in doubt, do what everyone else is doing

The WikiHow guide also provides some tips and warnings which the reader is advised to ‘digest’.

For more information use the link below.


Various Editors (N.D.) How to Join the Military and Survive Bootcamp. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 20 March, 2014].


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