An Overview of Canada and the Vietnam War

Introduction The Vietnam War had considerable effects on Canada, but Canada and Canadians also affected the war. The Canadian government did not participate in the war. It contributed to peacekeeping forces in 1973 to help enforce the Paris Peace Accords. Privately, some Canadians contributed to the war effort. Canadian corporations sold war material to the… Read More


What is the Effect of Repeated Occupational Exposure to Low-level Blast in the Canadian Armed Forces?

Research Paper Title Repeated Occupational Exposure to Low-level Blast in the Canadian Armed Forces: Effects on Hearing, Balance, and Ataxia. Background Recently, there has been increasing concern about the adverse health effects of long-term occupational exposure to low-level blast in military personnel. Occupational blast exposure occurs routinely in garrison through use of armaments and controlled… Read More

Without a Leader…

“A British General after viewing the work of the Canadians in attack at Paardeberg [sic], said: “Those men can go into battle without a leader, they have intelligence and resourcefulness enough to lead themselves.” They did not stand beside stones waiting for an order to get behind them and save their lives. They saved their… Read More

Keeping Up Morale…

“Message: ‘German attack east of St. Eloi. PPCLI relief postponed.’ … That extra sentence seemed a lot to men who had not slept for five days and there was some cursing in the darkness. Colonel Farquhar, following his usual custom of considering the front line as healthy as a village lane, appeared at the back… Read More

Canadian Officer Career Management System (2001)

The Canadian officer system is organised as a long-career system with expectation of service to age 55 for most officers and to age 60 for officers in the medical, dental, and legal profession. The career is composed of three engagements: Short engagement through 9 years of service with about 95% passing beyond; Intermediate engagement through 20… Read More

War Surgery, The First World War & Major L.B. Robertson

Discussion Paper Title The University of Toronto’s lasting contribution to war surgery: how Maj. L. Bruce Robertson fundamentally transformed thinking toward blood transfusion during the First World War. Summary During the Great War, Canadian military surgeons produced some of the greatest innovations to improve survival on the battlefield. Arguably, the most important was bringing blood… Read More

Canadian Armed Forces Values & Standards

Canadian Armed Forces Principles and Values The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), consisting of the Canadian Army (CA), Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), have a shared code of values and ethics. Principles: Respect the Dignity of All Persons. Serve Canada before Self. Obey and Support Lawful Authority. Values: Integrity: Serve the… Read More