An Overview of Canada and the Vietnam War

Introduction The Vietnam War had considerable effects on Canada, but Canada and Canadians also affected the war. The Canadian government did not participate in the war. It contributed to peacekeeping forces in 1973 to help enforce the Paris Peace Accords. Privately, some Canadians contributed to the war effort. Canadian corporations sold war material to the… Read More


Who was Michael Matteson?

Introduction Michael Matteson was an anti-war activist who resisted conscription into the Australian Army during the Vietnam War, due to his anarchist philosophy and principles. Refer to Robert Martin. Outline In 1972, Matteson was being escorted by two Commonwealth policemen – handcuffed to one at each wrist – as he had previously taken part in… Read More

Who was Robert Martin?

Introduction Robert Martin (born 1949) is an Australian historian who resisted conscription for military service during the Vietnam War. Refer to Michael Matteson. Outline Martin refused to register for conscription, holding an objection to the Vietnam War in particular. In late 1971 he was sentenced to one week in Adelaide Gaol as a conscientious non-complier… Read More