Can a Protein Prevent Allergic Reactions?

A protein in skin may explain why cosmetic products cause rashes – and it could help us prevent such allergic reactions (Nicolai et al., 2020). Annemieke de Jong at Columbia University, New York, and her colleagues wanted to work out why substances in perfumes, toothpaste and skin creams can trigger problems. Through a series of… Read More


Analysing Textile & Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Israeli Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Textile and Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Military Personnel. Background Allergic contact dermatitis is a common dermatosis among military personnel. Given the unique military demands, it is not surprising that shoe dermatitis and textile dermatitis are common. The study aimed to compare the clinical and demographic parameters between military personnel and civilians… Read More

Some Fibre Each Day Keeps Your Nut Allergy Away, Well Possibly

New research by Tan and colleagues suggests that a high fibre diet could prevent nut allergies in humans. It is important to note that Tan and colleagues’ research was conducted on mice, which doesn’t always crossover well to humans. Mice specifically bred to have this allergy were less likely to experience anaphylactic shock from peanuts… Read More

Peanuts are a No-go for Kids, Right?

Not necessarily. For years, this advice has been given to parents to avoid triggering a nut allergy – but it may be out-dated. Children regularly given foods containing peanuts before age five were 17 times less likely to develop a peanut allergy than children whose parents avoided giving them peanuts. Research Paper Title Randomized Trial… Read More