Analysing Textile & Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Israeli Military Personnel

Research Paper Title

Textile and Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Military Personnel.


Allergic contact dermatitis is a common dermatosis among military personnel. Given the unique military demands, it is not surprising that shoe dermatitis and textile dermatitis are common.

The study aimed to compare the clinical and demographic parameters between military personnel and civilians evaluated for the suspicion of shoe and textile dermatitis in a tertiary clinic in Israel.


This retrospective cross-sectional study included 295 patients who were referred to a tertiary clinic for evaluation because of suspected shoe or textile dermatitis. Eighty-eight of the patients were soldiers. The patch tests were tailored according to the clinical presentation and relevant exposures.


The 2 populations differed in several parameters. The duration of the dermatitis was longer in the civilian group. The atopy rate was significantly higher among military conscripts. The patch test reactivity and multiple patch test reactivity were lower in the army group. Dermatitis seen in the military group tended to be more widely distributed.


Distinctive demographic and exposure patterns explain the differences observed between the 2 study groups. It is not surprising that irritant dermatitis is more common among military personnel, given the extreme military demands and higher atopy rate among soldiers.


Slodownik, D., Reiss, A., Mashiach, Y., Ingber, A., Sprecher, E. & Moshe, S. (2018) Textile and Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Military Personnel. Dermatitis. 29(4), pp.196-199. doi: 10.1097/DER.0000000000000390.


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