The Benefits of Eating Pumpkins

1. Great Source Of Fibre Pumpkins are an excellent fibre source, with around 3 grams in 1 cup (225 grams). Including more fibre in your diet can help you to feel fuller for longer, which can help to stop you from snacking between meals. Some of the other known benefits of more fibre in your… Read More


Can a Fibre-rich Diet Help Control Diabetes?

A high-veg diet can help treat type 2 diabetes – and it seems to do this by altering gut bacteria. Liping Zhao at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and his colleagues compared the effects of two diets in people with type 2 diabetes. Over 12 weeks 16 people followed a low-fat, low-carb diet; and 27 people ate a… Read More

Some Fibre Each Day Keeps Your Nut Allergy Away, Well Possibly

New research by Tan and colleagues suggests that a high fibre diet could prevent nut allergies in humans. It is important to note that Tan and colleagues’ research was conducted on mice, which doesn’t always crossover well to humans. Mice specifically bred to have this allergy were less likely to experience anaphylactic shock from peanuts… Read More

Is There a Link between Dietary Fibre Intake & Risk of CV Disease?

Research Paper Title Dietary Fibre Intake & Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Study Question Is greater intake of dietary fibre related to lower risk of cardiovascular or coronary heart disease, using a dose-response relationship? Summary Answer For each increase of 7g/day intake of fibre, separate risk for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart… Read More