Staying Fit & Healthy on the Job

Staying fit is a priority for many people. You may think that going to the gym a few times a week or even participating in a hardcore military fitness boot camp means that you have it all covered. However, that is not necessarily the case.

We all spend 8+ hours a day on the job, so if you love being active, your work time is time that can be spent keeping you in shape depending on what career you pursue.

For jobs that are more physical and have a high level of physical labour, it may be easier to get a workout every day.

Meanwhile, if you sit behind a desk all day, staying active can be a challenge. It is to your advantage to stay in shape in many ways including improving your performance on the job.

Proven roofing contractors and physical labourers will tell you that their physical fitness is vital to staying safe and performing well. When you have a risky job that requires you to be at your best, then staying in shape can keep you and anyone working around you safe from accidents and injury.

For those that have a more sedentary work life, take a look at some of these great tips to help you stay in good shape on the job.

Morning Workout & Stretching

The best time of the day, for some, to get an effective workout is first thing in the morning. Start by doing some deep stretching using yoga or tai chi techniques. This can help work out the kinks from your sleep and help get you ready for the day.

A morning workout can help energise you, get your heart pumping and get your cognitive powers ready for a day at your job.

Walk Whenever Possible

You may not be able to walk to work depending on the distance, but you can go out of your way to walk more during the day.

Park your car at the back of your lot and enjoy a longer walk to your building. Take a walk during your lunch break or just make an effort to get out from behind your desk and walk around the office every hour or so.

You will notice less back aches and strains, and even a heightened mood when you start little bits of exercise throughout your work day.

Take The Stairs

Forget using elevators or escalators, and opt for walking up and down the stairs whenever you can.

Stairs can give you a quick and effective cardio workout and help you define your leg muscles to help keep your knees and hips strong.

Back Care

Even the most innovatively designed office chairs can be hard on your back after hours of sitting. Make sure to take a break at least once an hour to stand up, stretch and even take a quick stroll.

Computer screens can be tough on the eyes, and bending over a keyboard can be tough on even the strongest back muscles. Using a convertible standing desktop that allows you to stand or sit depending on your mood and comfort can be very useful.

Get Sleep

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your good health is getting enough sleep.

In today’s fast moving world it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day, let alone the night.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis can help you to stay in better physical shape and help improve your cognitive abilities.


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