What is the Regular Army Assistance Table (RAAT)?

The Regular Army Assistance Table (RAAT) is the process whereby organisations outside the Field Army bid for resources they might require to support events.

The data set is published in three parts:

  • General Training Support-Operations.
    • Royal Navy:
      • Naval Maritime Combat Power demonstration.
    • British Army/Organisations:
      • Land Warfare Centre (LWC), Warminster.
      • Infantry Battle School (IBS), Brecon.
      • Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).
      • Other Defence organisations, such as Deepcut, Minley, Cadets, Chicksands, and St Mawgan.
    • Royal Air Force (RAF):
      • There is, generally, no requirement for Army assistance on RAF events.
  • Other Tasks:
    • Includes event support.
    • Nijmegen Marches.
    • Defence Equipment & Sales/Farnborough.
    • Ten Tors Challenge.
  • Trials and Experiments:
    • Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S).
    • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).
    • QuintiQ.
    • Military trials and development units.

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