Total Fat Intake versus Healthy Wholefoods & Diet Patterns

The obsession with fat intake needs to end, say Dariush Mozaffarian and David Ludwig writing in the New Scientist. “For decades we have been fed official limits on the total fat in our diets. It’s time that ended, a position we have summarised in the journal JAMA ( 6s2). Dietary policies have long emphasised limits. In 1980, the US recommended that no more than… Read More


Children’s Pork Consumption & Their Parents’ Perceptions

Research Paper Title Australian Parents’ Perceptions of Factors that Influence their Children’s Pork Consumption: An Exploratory Qualitative Study. Background Pork provides key nutrients such as protein, thiamin and selenium, however fresh pork is not commonly included in the diets of Australian children, with processed pork preferred. Current dietary guidelines emphasise the consumption of fresh meat… Read More

Physical Activity: Prevalence Depends on Definition Used!

Research Paper Title Compliance with Different Physical Activity Recommendations and its Association with Socio-demographic Characteristics using an Objective Measure. Background In the past decades, several public health guidelines concerning physical activity have been published. This study evaluated compliance with various physical activity guidelines and examined the associations between meeting the guidelines and socio-demographic characteristics. Methods… Read More