What is War Resisters’ International?

Introduction War Resisters’ International (WRI), headquartered in London, is an international anti-war organisation with members and affiliates in over 30 countries. Refer to War Resister and War Resisters Support Campaign. Brief History War Resisters’ International was founded in Bilthoven, Netherlands in 1921 under the name “Paco”, which means “peace” in Esperanto. WRI adopted a founding… Read More


What is the War Resisters League?

Introduction The War Resisters League (WRL) is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in the United States. Refer to War Resister, War Resisters’ International, and War Resisters Support Campaign. Brief History Founded in 1923 by men and women who had opposed World War I, it is a section of the London-based War Resisters’ International. It continues… Read More

What is Anti-Militarism?

Introduction Anti-militarism is a doctrine that opposes war, relying heavily on a critical theory of imperialism and was an explicit goal of the First and Second International. Whereas pacifism is the doctrine that disputes (especially between countries) should be settled without recourse to violence, Paul B. Miller defines anti-militarism as “ideology and activities…aimed at reducing… Read More