ADF: A Review of the Soldier’s Equipment Burden

Research Paper Title A Review of the Soldier’s Equipment Burden. Executive Summary The equipment load carried by Australian Infantryman is so bulky and heavy that it can present a significant impairment to his performance. Despite all the research to date no single effective solution has arisen. The aims of this three-part report are to characterise… Read More


ADF: Load Carriage Capacity of the Dismounted Combatant – A Commander’s Guide

Research Paper Title Load Carriage Capacity of the Dismounted Combatant- A Commander’s Guide. Executive Summary There is a universal requirement for military personnel to be capable of moving their body mass plus an external load. The load carried by military personnel is typically comprised of clothing, protective ensemble (i.e. body armour, helmet), combat equipment (i.e.… Read More

Cricketers and Workload-related Injuries

Research Paper Title Cricket Fast Bowling Workload Patterns as Risk Factors for Tendon, Muscle, Bone and Joint Injuries. Objective To assess workload-related risk factors for injuries to particular tissue types in cricket fast bowlers. Design 235 fast bowlers who bowled in 14,600 player innings over a period of 15 years were followed in a prospective… Read More

Is Irisin Release A Function of Muscle Energy Demand?

Research Paper Title Plasma Irisin Levels Progressively Increase in Response to Increasing Exercise Workloads in Young, Healthy, Active Subjects. Background Irisin, a recently discovered myokine, has been shown to induce white adipose tissue browning, enhancing energy expenditure and mediating some of the beneficial effects of exercise. The researchers aimed to estimate the time frame of… Read More

Pregnant Women & Physical Activity

Research Paper Title Level and Intensity of Objectively Assessed Physical Activity Among Pregnant Women from Urban Ethiopia. Background Women in low-income countries are generally considered to have a high physical workload which is sustained during pregnancy. Although most previous studies have been based on questionnaires a recent meta-analysis of doubly labeled water data has raised… Read More