Assessment of Chest Pain in a Low Risk Patient: Is The Exercise Tolerance Test Obsolete?

Discussion Paper Title Assessment of chest pain in a low risk patient: is the exercise tolerance test obsolete? Background This is one of a series of occasional articles that highlight areas of practice where management lacks convincing supporting evidence. The series adviser is David Tovey, editor in chief, the Cochrane Library. To suggest a topic for this series, please… Read More


Smoking & Combat Exposure

Research Paper Title Smoking among Troops deployed in Combat Areas and its Association with Combat Exposure among Navy Personnel in Sri Lanka. Background Among military personnel alcohol consumption and binge-drinking have increased but cigarette smoking has declined in the recent past. Although there is a strong association between smoking and PTSD the association between combat… Read More

Office Smokers are a Dying Species

The workplace smoker has traditionally elicited either sympathy (all that trying to light up in the rain) or the occasional tut as they trudge off for their thenth cigarette of theworking day. In the US, they are a ‘persecuted’ minority. Rival teams of doctors have squared up for a debate in journals over the number… Read More