8 Tips For Recovering After An Intense Workout

Introduction A military-style boot camp, HIIT session or other outdoor fitness programme, is an excellent way to push your body to the limit and establish healthy habits that serve as a foundation for a lifetime of fitness. Many people do not understand that what they do after the workout is almost as important as what… Read More


A Brief Overview of BJJ Spats

Introduction Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) spats, known as BJJ spats, are skintight stretchy leggings worn by both male and female practitioners of BJJ – and is one of several items a practitioner will need to train successfully. Although Scramble is the original brand (introducing the concept of spats to the market from Japan), other brands… Read More

A Review on the Utility of Compression Garments

Research Paper Title Effects of Compression Garments on Skeletal Muscle Physiology, Performance and Recovery in Young Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review. Background Compression garments (CG) are highly popular sports apparel amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The manufacturers claim numerous benefits of CGs for both performance and recovery from exercise. However, the overall body of evidence… Read More