Stand Out from the Crowd

It is important to position your business to stand out from the crowd. As well as identifying any weakness(es) the business has and attempting to fix them, you must concentrate on focusing your strengths and utilise them as much as possible. When you base your business around your strengths, you never have to worry about… Read More


Gratitude in Negotiations: Should You be Neutral or Positive?

Positive psychology research extols the benefits of expressing gratitude, to the point that some experts advise keeping a daily ‘gratitude journal.’ However, in at least one setting, this positive emotion can backfire: during competitive interactions. Researchers (Yip et al., 2018) conducted five experiments to learn how people respond when their counterparts voice thanks in the… Read More

Wrest an Advantage…

“If I wish to wrest an advantage from the enemy, I must not fix my mind on that alone, but allow for the possibility of the enemy also doing some harm to me … If I wish to extricate myself from a dangerous position, I must consider not only the enemy’s ability to injure me,… Read More