10 Phrases You Should Start Saying More Often at Work

The wisdom in the management literature suggests that trust is one of the prime motivators that can get you: Great collaboration; Increased employee engagement; and (Lead to) positive business results. So, what is the starting point for trust? Well, in a word, ‘words’ – or more precisely, the words that you use. Within the context… Read More


The Challenges of Brazil’s Grand Border Strategy

Research Paper Title Brazil’s grand border strategy: challenges of a new critical thinking in a modern era. Abstract This paper aims to offer a draft of a critical perspective regarding Brazil’s border policies. For decades, the Brazilian Armed Forces emphasized the ‘Security and Development’ doctrine as the solution to solve the many issues of the… Read More

Perspectives on Team Success

“Two recent articles explore effectiveness in team-working, one academic and strongly evidence-based, the other practitioner-focused and advisory. The first, by a group of Dutch academics, presents an in-depth statistical analysis of survey data that gives us a more nuanced understanding of certain aspects of team dynamics. The main focus is on how respected people feel… Read More