Are the Gurkhas Part of NATO?

As outlined by Major Shane Burton (RGR), Chief of Staff at the Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas: “The Brigade of Gurkhas is an integral part of the British Army and as such these troops are indeed part of Nato. Gurkha units have been deployed as part of British Armed Forces supporting numerous Nato operations including Bosnia,… Read More


New Webpage: Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview

I have just uploaded a new webpage ‘Gurkha Recruitment & Selection Overview‘ within the UK pages of the military training section. This page contains: Brief history of the Gurkhas; Commissioned officer roles; Application and general eligibility criteria; Village visits; Regional selection; Central selection; and Useful links, documents and references.

Time To End Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army?

This is the headline for an article written by Roshan Kissoon on the Dissident Voice website. I came across this article whilst conducting some research on Gurhka recruitment and selection for a future webpage, and it makes interesting reading (I do understand what the writer is getting at, regardless of whether I agree or disagree… Read More