What is the Brigade Legal Officers Course?

Aim of the Course To prepare military lawyers for operational deployments with Brigade Headquarters or at Task Force level. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Suitable for senior Captains (OF-2) to Lieutenant Colonels (OF-4) who have not recently deployed as a legal advisor to a formation headquarters. IELTS Level 5.5. Duration Two (2) weeks, with two… Read More


Considering the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Super Soldiers

Research Paper Title Super Soldiers: The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications. Abstract The Spartan city-state produced what has been perhaps one of the most ruthless military forces in recorded history, second only to Hitler’s Schutzstaffel. Crucial to Sparta’s supremacy was the belief that military training and education began at birth. Those judged by state officials to have… Read More

Major General Susan Ridge: The British Army’s First Female Major General

In September 2015, Brigadier Susan Ridge, a former high street solicitor (Raynor, 2016), became the first Servicewoman to achieve the rank of Major General (OF-7) in the British Army. Susan joined the British Army in 1992. As a Brigadier, Susan worked as the Director Legal Advisory, providing advice to the chain of command on disciplinary… Read More