British Army Appoints First Female Major General & First Female Brigade Commander

  Brigadier Susan Ridge is set to become the first Servicewoman to achieve the rank of Major General (OF-7). She is currently working as Director Legal Advisory (Army Legal Services), providing advice to the chain of command on disciplinary matters through to dealing with military complaints and enquiries. In her new role as Director General Army Legal Services, which she takes up in September,… Read More


Top Employers a Whisker away from Lord Davies Gender Target

By Peter Crush writing on the CIPDs magazine ‘People Management’: A near doubling of the number of women in Britain’s boardrooms in just four years has been hailed as a major breakthrough in gender diversity. Figures published on [25 March] reveal that total female representation on FTSE 100 boards has almost doubled from 12.5 per… Read More

Glass Ceiling Model Shows Cracks Below

Equality at the bottom of the corporate ladder might be better at smashing the glass ceiling that holds back female advancement than quotas in the boardroom, a mathematical model suggests. Barbara Keller of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and her colleagues modelled PhD students’ choice of mentor to see if a glass… Read More

Review into Women in Ground Combat Roles Published

The Ministry of Defence has published a review paper (19 December 2014), carried out earlier in the year by the Chief of the General Staff, Sir Nicholas Carter, into Women in Ground Close Combat Review Paper (PDF) (2014-12-18) The review, launched in May 2014, has ended the long-held view that mixed close ground combat units would… Read More

Fighting Talk on Front-Line Females

Neatly tying in with the earlier post is another article from Soldier Magazine (in the same issue): “The debate over women in combat units is intensifying as the Army’s expected announcement on its recent policy review looms. Writing in The Times, former Colonel Richard Kemp praised the bravery and performance of women serving in front-line roles such as medics and pilots,… Read More

US Military Considers Separate Combat Training for Men &Women

Rowan Scarborough, in an article in the Washington Times, tells us that “the military is looking at ways to modify its training for women to help them qualify for direct ground combat roles in the infantry, tank units and special operations. Senior officers revealed the new effort this week at a hearing of the House Armed… Read More

Strength of the UK Regular Forces by Service & Sex

The Armed Forces have an exemption from the Equality Act 2010 for reasons of combat effectiveness and there are restrictions on women serving in close-combat roles. The principal roles closed to women are: the Royal Marines General Service, the Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps, the Infantry and Royal Air Force Regiment. Figures compiled in the 2006… Read More