Fighting Talk on Front-Line Females

Neatly tying in with the earlier post is another article from Soldier Magazine (in the same issue):

“The debate over women in combat units is intensifying as the Army’s expected announcement on its recent policy review looms.

Writing in The Times, former Colonel Richard Kemp praised the bravery and performance of women serving in front-line roles such as medics and pilots, but said they lacked the “killer instinct” required of infantry soldiers.

“No matter how courageous or physically tough a woman might be, she simply does not fit into this testosterone-charged band of brothers and is therefore likely to reduce the cohesion and fighting effectiveness of a small combat unit,” he commented. His subjective view goes against research commissioned by the Ministry of Defence which concluded this was not the case!

Kemp also expressed fears that fitness standards would have to be lowered in order to accommodate females if the rules were changed (a distinct possibility). The Ministry of Defence has been considering the issue since May, with initial findings originally due to be published by the end of this year.”


Soldier (2014) Fighting Talk on Front-Line Females. Soldier: The Magazine of the British Army. December 2014, pp.11.


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