5 Different Approaches on Losing Weight

Christmas is getting closer and, usually, we all look for different ways to shed some pounds. If you are wondering why your efforts have not worked out the way you thought they would or you are just looking for a more effective method, maybe the reason is your approach.

Every single body is different and weight loss should be focused depending on your specific needs, so we brought you multiple weight-loss strategies. If you have not addressed any or some of these, then you should consider one or some of them for better results.


Certainly, being an active person is not bad at all, but you should always consider opening a space in your schedule for physical activity. Miss fit aerial fitness classes have several fun activities that will have the same outcome as jogging or, aerial yoga, aerial bungee, aerial hoop or Lyra and many others. All of these increase your heart rate, work on your muscles and improve your breathing while you are at it. The important thing here is that you exercise in a way you do not even realise. That way, you will not only feel better in body and mind, but your immune system will strengthen and you will be better able to fight back a wide number of diseases.

Also, try to open your mind and think positively about this routine change. Multiple studies have shown that those who have a positive mindset about exercise end up enjoying physical activity more. As a result, you will stick to it every time more and will end up burning more calories and boosting your metabolism rate.

Management of Food Intake

Food intake is probably the foundation for a great shape. If you have ever seen a six-pack, that person has probably worked more on this aspect than exercise. The truth is that our body works as a cycle. It is meant to burn out all the ingested food. So, when the body eats a lot – especially fast food, no exercise in the world will burn that many calories as fast. So, if you exercise and do not see results, you should probably take a look at your eating habits. This does not mean you should starve but rather change the food you eat. You can start by stopping everything that is fried or contains added sugar – there is (generally) no problem if it is natural, like fruits. If this has not worked after a couple of weeks/months, try increasing your vegetable consumption and reducing your carbohydrates. Sometimes, there are carbs are where we do not ‘see them’, for example potatoes, pasta, rice, and bread. In case it is too hard for you, you might also consider changing them for complex carbs – for example peas, beans, and certain whole grains.

Metabolism Acceleration

In just a few words, metabolism is your body’s capability to burn calories. If you accelerate this process, then you should be able to manage your weight much easier. That is why some people seem to never gain pounds, their systems go way too fast (relatively to others). For some others, this is just the contrary. Their metabolism is much slower than the rest and needs some help. It is believed – and some even proved – that certain herbs and vegetables help accelerate the process, like black pepper, chilli or green tea.

Appetite Suppression

Another aspect to consider is appetite suppression. In many cases, people tend to eat plenty because of anxiety or hunger -especially in fast food chains. But do not worry. There are multiple ways to sort it out, like drinking green tea several times a day or even a good night’s sleep. If natural solutions do not seem to work, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your body. It is just that our bodies react differently. In this case, some medical therapies and solutions can help you suppress your appetite and get back on track (although I should mention that this should be a tactic of last resort).

Last but not least, the approaches above are what can make any regular person lose weight. These are exercise, food intake management, metabolism acceleration, and appetite suppression. The more approaches you add to your lifestyle, the better results you may witness. Also, if you are interested in going through that path, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional before starting.


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