Can Boot Camp Training Get You Into Shape for the Summer?

For many of us that have reached a certain age, one of the keys to health and happiness – the Holy Grail some might say – lies in the ability to lose weight. We have seen pills and potions advertised, plus special diets, many of which claim to guarantee a fat burning process like no other.

But is there really any substitute for hard work through exercise, combined with a regularly controlled diet over a sustained period of time? The short answer is no, but do not worry, as the summer fast approaches, there are many ways in which those who have been considering the gym or a new fitness programme can put those plans into practice.

Which Boot Camp is Right for You?

If the very mention of the words ‘Boot Camp’ strikes fear into you, then allow us to allay your concerns.

Derived from the military term, it just refers to a series of short and effective exercises, and it can be perfectly painless. It is therefore perfectly acceptable and wise to consider boot camp training for summer body fitness, but, if you have not got a facility close by, there is much that can be performed out at home.

Currently there are many themed boot camps tailored specifically to a client’s individual needs. For example, a bridal boot camp can get you into shape for the big day and, while a prison boot camp is not designed to get you through a spell behind bars, it harnesses powerful exercises – as approved by jailbirds – for a short, sharp shock of intense fitness.

Boot Camping at Home

If the thought of taking part in a boot camp, among other inductees, fills you with dread, it is perfectly possible to kick things off at home. Each boot camp may differ but they all adopt strategies from a core group of exercises – pushes, lunges, squats, runs and jumps. It all derives from the kind of classic military training that gives the boot camps their reputation.

With that in mind, why not start with a jump rope? You may think this is playground stuff but ask why boxers employ the skipping rope as a pivotal part of their training. The jumping forms part of the high-intensity training that boot camps are all about and this is an affordable and simple way with which to begin.

As a slightly more advanced piece of equipment, a dumbbell is the perfect accompaniment to goblet squats which are the entry level squats that form part of a comprehensive programme. As we are starting to see, one of the big advantages of boot camp training is the fact that the equipment need not be expensive. Why invest in a rowing machine or cross trainer when you can kick things off with a jump rope, a dumbbell and a medicine ball.

In time, you may feel comfortable enough to sign up for an official boot camp in your local area but, prior to that day, this is a discipline that can be started at home with ease and with very little expense.


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