Great Bosses: Freebies, Perks & Theory

What makes a great boss? This is list of things managers can do to keep employees happy (apparently), culled from a 2015 survey of office workers, suggest would-be leaders would do well to focus on the freebies rather than the theory. Extra holiday on birthdays. Leaving early on a Friday (when possible, the UK military will… Read More


The Hawthorne Effect & Wearable Technology

Bosses have always wanted to know how to get the most out of their workers. Back in 1924, the big cheeses at the Western Electric Company wanted to find out how the level of lighting, among other things, affected productivity at their Hawthorne Works factory near Chicago. So they gradually reduced the illumination in one part of the factory. Rather to their surprise, productivity rose as lighting levels… Read More

Office Workers: Back Pain, Fatigue & Workforce Productivity

Research Paper Title Breaking Up Workplace Sitting Time with Intermittent Standing Bouts Improves Fatigue and Musculoskeletal Discomfort in Overweight/Obese Office Workers. Background To examine whether the introduction of intermittent standing bouts during the workday using a height-adjustable workstation can improve subjective levels of fatigue, musculoskeletal discomfort and work productivity relative to seated work. Methods Overweight/obese… Read More

The Economic Contribution of Fitness Centres

In the 21st century fitness is about more than just delivering individual-level health benefits. With the specter of obesity, an aging population and an enduring economic downturn, we have the national economy to consider. In 2009 Fitness Australia commissioned Access Economics to conduct research to quantify the economic contribution of fitness centres to the Australian… Read More