Population-Specific Norms: Common Clinical Movement Screens & Military Recruitment

Research Paper Title The Interrelationship of Common Clinical Movement Screens: Establishing Population-Specific Norms in a Large Cohort of Military Applicants. Background Musculoskeletal injuries (MSK-Is) are a leading cause of missed duty time and morbidity in the military. Modifiable risk factors for MSK-Is, such as inadequate core stability, poor movement patterns, and dynamic balance deficits, have… Read More


UK Naval Service: Injury & Return to Work

Research Paper Title The Injury Burden of Recent Combat Operations: Mortality, Morbidity, and Return to Service of U.K. Naval Service Personnel following Combat Trauma. Background The study establishes the functional outcomes of service personnel injured in current conflicts by correlating data on initial injury to the findings of medical boards after trauma and reconstructive treatment.… Read More

Depression- & Anxiety-related Sick Leave Leads Early Retirement

Research Paper Title Depression- and Anxiety-related Sick Leave and the Risk of Permanent Disability and Mortality in the Working Population in Germany: A Cohort Study. Background Anxiety and depression are the most common psychiatric disorders and are the cause of a large and increasing amount of sick-leave in most developed countries. They are also implicated… Read More