Why Does Iron Nutrition Matter?

Introduction While the role of iron in forming haemoglobin in red blood cells (required to transport oxygen around the body to produce energy) is widely understood, many people struggle to meet their iron requirements. This is something that can seriously dent performance during activity. This article attempts to answer two important questions: Why is iron… Read More


Israeli Defence Force: Dietary Intake, Stress Fractures & Basic Training

Research Paper Title Dietary Intake and Stress Fractures among Elite Male Combat Recruits. Background Appropriate and sufficient dietary intake is one of the main requirements for maintaining fitness and health. Inadequate energy intake may have a negative impact on physical performance which may result in injuries among physically active populations. The purpose of this research… Read More

Research: Iron, Pregnancy & Fetal Growth

Research Paper Title Maternal Iron Intake at Mid-Pregnancy is Associateed with Reduced Fetal Growth: Results from Mothers and Children’s Environmental Health (MOCEH) Study. Background Iron supplementation is a common recommendation for pregnant women to prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy. There is an increasing concern about excessive iron consumption as a general iron prophylaxis by pregnant… Read More