What are the Causes of Decrease in Muscle Performance

Muscle performance can be impaired for a variety of reasons, including: Central or peripheral neurologic pathology decreases an individual’s ability to effectively recruit and functionally use their muscles; Injury to the muscle from a strain or contusion decreases performance; and Disuse or deconditioning for any reason. The goal of examination/evaluation of muscle performance is to… Read More


Do Foot Impairments Contribute to Functional Limitation in Individuals with LAS & CAI?

Research Paper Title Foot impairments contribute to functional limitation in individuals with ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability. Background To investigate the clinical measures of foot posture and morphology, multisegmented joint motion and play, strength, and dynamic balance in recreationally active young adults with and without a history of a lateral ankle sprain (LAS), copers,… Read More

Can Obesity be a Disability?

It is only necessary to establish ‘an impairment’ and its effect, not its cause, says the EAT  In Walker v Sita Information Networking Computing Ltd the EAT (Employment Appeals Tribunal) had to determine whether an ET (employment tribunal) was right to rule that an obese employee was not disabled because there was no identifiable cause… Read More