What was the Schuman Declaration (1950)?

Introduction The Schuman Declaration was a speech made by the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman, on 09 May 1950. It proposed placing French and West German production of coal and steel under a single authority that would later be opened to other European countries. The ultimate goal was to pacify relations,… Read More


Are Members of EU Militaries Invited to Apply for the British Armed Forces?

All candidates for entry into the Armed Forces must: Be British from birth; Hold dual British/other nationality; or Be a: British National (approximately 66 million). Citizen of the Irish Republic (approximately 4.7 million people), or A Commonwealth citizen (composed of 53 members states of approximately 2.4 billion people). The EU is composed of 28 members… Read More

European Union Countries by Military Power 2018

According to the index created by Global Firepower (GFP), the military power of European Union countries in 2018 is: France. United Kingdom (UK). Germany. Italy. Spain. Poland. Greece. Czech Republic. Sweden. Netherlands. Romania. Denmark. Hungary. Finland. Bulgaria. Austria. Slovakia. Portugal. Belgium. Croatia. Slovenia. Lithuania. Latvia. Estonia. Ireland. Reference GFP (Global Firepower) (2018) European Union Powers Ranked… Read More