Division of Skill…

“Man for man one division is as good as another. They vary only in the skill and leadership of their commanders.” General Bradley (1893 to 1981) Omar Nelson Bradley was a US Army officer who commanded the Twelfth Army Group, which helped ensure the Allied victory over Germany during World War II. He later served… Read More


How to Sack a Divisional Commander…

How to Sack a Divisional Commander: Tewksbury, 4 May 1471; “Lord Winlock not having advanced to the support of the first line, but remaining stationary, contrary to the expectations of Somerset, the latter, in a rage, rode up to him, reviled him, and beat his brains out with an axe.” Max Hastings (1985) from The Oxford… Read More

What is Project Gunwharf?

Outline of Project Gunwharf Shore employment opportunities for all general service junior ratings (JRs). Divisional care responsibility to the employing officers/senior ratings. Provide clear branch/specialisation employment pathways that provide meaningful, rewarding and beneficial shore employment opportunities. Interim Operational Capability April 2018 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT. Full Operational Capability April 2019 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT. Why Change? The current JR waterfront… Read More