What is Project Gunwharf?

Outline of Project Gunwharf

  • Shore employment opportunities for all general service junior ratings (JRs).
  • Divisional care responsibility to the employing officers/senior ratings.
  • Provide clear branch/specialisation employment pathways that provide meaningful, rewarding and beneficial shore employment opportunities.
  • Interim Operational Capability April 2018 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT.
  • Full Operational Capability April 2019 at PORFLOT/DEVFLOT.

Why Change?

The current JR waterfront manning model is being redesigned to meet the aspirations of sailors and provide meaningful employment that support frontline activity. As such, Project Gunwharf seeks to address:

  • Under-employment, by introducing more meaningful options.
  • The delivery of specific employment related training.
  • Improve the ability to plan lives and the development of long term career plans.
  • Improve divisional care.

When Will Gunwharf Start?

A revamped shore-side operating model, known as Gunwharf, will be implemented to commence just before April 2019.

What is the Purpose of Gunwharf?

Gunwharf has been designed to:

  • Balance the operational need of the Naval Service with a revised approach to the nature and management of General Service JRs employment ashore.
  • Move away from the current waterfront Geographic Squad Pools, this new approach will assign JRs to shore employment across the Naval Service for a specified length of time.

Military Judgement Panel activity has identified assignment opportunities that have significance and purpose, leading to professional satisfaction and to make a positive contribution to the Royal Navy.

What about the Waterfront Recovery Cells?

Gunwharf will not affect the current Waterfront Recovery Cells (part of the current Personnel Support Groups), who will continue to focus on the recovery of those individuals who are unable to work, or whose recovery pathway places significant constraints on the nature and location of their work.

How Will Career Opportunities Be Affected?

All JRs will be career managed into a role by placing them in trade specific jobs. Gunwharf assignments will enhance Command Leadership and Management and promotion prospects. Individuals will be able to maintain their promotion prospects whilst in shore employment or in a reduced medical category.


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