What is the Shipmates & Oppos Programme?

What is the Shipmates & Oppos Programme?

The Shipmates & Oppos Programme is the Royal Navy’s support programme for personnel leaving the Royal Navy (RN), Royal Marines (RM) & Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA).

What is the Role of the Shipmates & Oppos Programme?

Its role is to:

  • Act as a signposting service. It is managed entirely by ex-RN/RM and provides a sympathetic low-hassle point-of-contact fluent in ‘jackspeak’.
  • Help Service Leavers through the maze of help after discharge.
  • Offer an annual ‘wellbeing’ check which involves
    either an e-mail or phone call and simply asks how Service Leavers are and if they require assistance.

Who Manages the Shipmates & Oppos Programme?

It is a free service, independent of the ministry of defence (MOD), operated by the Royal Naval Association and funded by Greenwich Hospital.

What Does the Shipmates & Oppos Programme Offer?

The programme administrators can direct Service Leavers in a variety of areas where help may be needed, including:

  • If Service Leavers need help beyond the Career Transition Partnership, they can assist with 1-2-1,
    confidence building and help in creating a desirable CV that demonstrates the Service Leavers transferrable
  • Assisting Service Leavers to find regional authority contacts, Service Associations, charities and useful
    organisations including the Veterans Welfare Service, the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and the Forces Pension Society.
  • If Service Leavers are struggling financially they can direct Service Leavers to Naval charities that can help:
    • White Ensign Association can give direct advice on managing money and jobs.
    • Royal Navy Benevolent Trust provides help for ratings and former ratings.
    • Royal Navy Officers’ Charity provides help for officers and retired officers.
    • Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund provides direct help for Naval children.
    • Royal Marines Charity provides help for serving and ex Royal Marines.
    • Women’s Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust for females who joined the WRNS.
    • Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association.
    • Sailors Advice and Information Line (SAIL) – 0800 160 1842 or advice@sailine.org.uk.

Service Leavers can register at any time on the website www.shipmatesandoppos.co.uk.


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