What is a Peaceworker?

Introduction A peaceworker is an individual or member of an organisation that undertakes to resolve violent conflict, prevent the rise of new violent conflicts, and rebuild societies damaged by war. The term peaceworker is usually reserved for civilian, unarmed members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Peacework is also carried out by many armed organisations such as… Read More


An Overview of the University for Peace?

Introduction The University for Peace (UPEACE) is an international, graduate-only research university and intergovernmental organisation. The university was established as a treaty organisation by the United Nations General Assembly in 1980. Each year, the University for Peace selects approximately 200 students globally for a master’s programme (MA or MSc) related to the study of peace… Read More

Yes or No: Warfare Led To Complex Civilisation?

I read an interesting piece in the New Scientist (Barras, 2020) about the role of warfare in developing complex civilisations. The researchers (Turchin et al., 2022) quantitatively tested several theories using a general dynamic model based on the theoretical framework of cultural macroevolution and the Seshat: Global History Databank. They tested 17 potential predictor variables… Read More

What is Peace Direct?

Introduction Peace Direct is a charity based in London, England which supports grassroots peacebuilders in areas of conflict. Peace Direct focuses on supporting grassroots peacebuilders who are local to the conflict and have a clear vision of what needs to be achieved. Peace Direct funds this work, promotes it and learns from it. The current… Read More

What is the Global Peace System?

Introduction Global Peace System is a concept of global conflict resolution dependent on nonviolent processes to eradicate war. It relies upon a multi-strand approach to conflict resolution, incorporating broad social and political solutions. In contemporary peace and conflict studies, the concept of a global peace system has been evolving since the 1940s around the theory… Read More

What is War Against War?

Introduction In political philosophy and international relations especially in peace and conflict studies the concept of a war against war also known as war on war refers to the reification of armed conflicts. Origin If a work of Edmond Potonié-Pierre from 1877 already discusses the idea of reifying conflicts under the title “la guerre à… Read More

What are Peace and Conflict Studies?

Introduction Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyses violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts (including social conflicts), with a view towards understanding those processes which lead to a more desirable human condition. A variation on this, peace studies (irenology), is an interdisciplinary effort… Read More