Great Ways of Keeping Your Employees Healthy

According to a study involving American businesses, unhealthy workers cause a US$ 153-billion loss for employers every year. Your employees’ health affects the efficiency and output of your business. Their health should not be exclusively regarded as a personal matter, but also as an organisational concern.

Although some investment is necessary when introducing preventive healthcare measures in the workplace, remember that it will also most likely cost you more when your employees are unwell and unproductive. Here are some great ways to keep your employees healthy:

1. Encourage More Exercise

With a hectic work schedule, some of your employees may be unable to keep up with their exercise routine. However, getting enough daily exercise is necessary to ensure that they are energised and productive at work.

Encouraging your employees to be more physically active will benefit both of you. There are numerous ways, including low-cost options, to promote indoor and outdoor exercise throughout the workday. Here are some great examples:

  • Installing bike racks at the office parking space;
  • Having fun things to do in the office that also encourage them to move more, such as icebreaker games and activities;
  • Providing wearable fitness and health trackers; and/or
  • Incorporating desk exercise and stretching into the daily work schedule.

If you want to incorporate military fitness training, or a method of physical exercise designed to keep people who are already physically fit in the best shape possible, here are some great tips to try out:

  • Organise weekly workout sessions in a nearby park or gym with a trainer. Every participant should receive personalised training that accommodates their specific skill level.
  • Create a bib system for the office, where beginners start with a blue bib, or the beginner level. They can then gradually progress to red, for the intermediate level, and green, for the advanced. This system will get them to track fitness and health improvements over time. You can also offer rewards every time an employee advances to a higher level.

2. Host Company Outings

Company outings do not just boost morale, they also help your employees learn great people skills in the office. Company outings provide your team members with a casual and non-stressful setting where they can get to know each other better.

It does not have to be an extravagant event where you have to fly your entire team overseas. It can be just a simple company-paid lunch that can be catered into the office or held at a nearby restaurant. You can also organise a weekly potluck, where employees take turns bringing in their favourite food to share with the rest of the team.

3. Provide Healthy Snacks

With a busy work life, it is easy for anyone to overload on unhealthy snacks and food. Remember that workers who subsist on food with too much sugar and insufficient nutrients will have trouble focusing on their work.

To prevent this from happening and to preserve your employees’ mental agility, provide them with a selection of healthy snacks in the kitchen and break rooms. Some great options are salads, yogurt, fresh fruits, hummus, rice cakes, dried fruit, and nuts. These will give them enough energy to hit those deadlines and get them through the workday.

4. Promote A Work-Life Balance

Too much workplace stress can lead to serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. To ensure that your employees do not dread coming to work, you should create a working environment that supports a work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance will help your employees decrease their stress levels and improve their overall wellbeing. Here are some great ways to give your employees a more positive attitude toward their work:

  • Try to provide more flexibility during the peak flu season. For instance, you can take certain steps to ensure that everyone in a specific department can easily take over a project until its completion.
  • A family-friendly workplace helps alleviate the combined stress of childcare and work. Consider creating an onsite childcare facility with professional staff members so that your employees do not have to worry about their children while they are at work. If this is too expensive, consider giving your employees a discount to at least offset the costs of daycare services or babysitters.
  • On top of good health coverage, make sure that you ask your employees what health and wellness benefits will help improve their lives. For instance, look into massage treatments, gym memberships, or access to preventive exams that are not typically covered by health insurance policies.
  • You can also offer flexible scheduling or remote working to allow employees to spend more time with their family.


Healthy employees are more focused, determined, and productive. Investing in the health and welfare of your employees can make a huge difference for your business and your team. By implementing preventive measures and health incentive programmes, you can ensure your team’s continued productivity and efficiency, as well as lower your costs.


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