Can You Use Pull Up Assist Band When Training For Military Fitness?

When you’re training for military fitness, you will have to complete and excel in various exercise activities that will assure you of your readiness and fitness for boot camp. Of all the exercises you will ever have to master, one of the most challenging exercises is the pull up (aka heave). Commonly underestimated by many, this is actually considered by those who undergo training as the ultimate test of upper body strength. Here is how using a pull up assist band can help you in training specifically for military fitness:

1. Developing Proper Technique

A good pull up requires excellent grip strength from the hand and forearms, then you will need pulling power from the biceps and back muscles. Developing a proper technique for pull ups would bring you closer to achieving a successful military fitness training. Equip yourself well by choosing top-quality pull up assist bands from the brands commended in this article from TheWorkoutDigest.

2. Following The Proper Form

Executing a proper pull up will be challenging for almost all first-timers, as this requires bringing your full body weight from the starting position up to a level wherein your chin is above the pull up bar. For beginners in fitness training, there may not be enough strength in the arms and back muscles for them to be able to lift their own full weight successfully.

This muscle weakness is likewise made worse by the usually overweight condition of those beginning to train. As a result of this difficulty, some beginners suffer due to improper form just to complete the lifting motion. When a trainee has improper form when doing pull ups, this may become a habit that may eventually become difficult to fix. Furthermore, improper form may lead one to be more prone to accidents and injuries.

To aid you in overcoming this hurdle, you may use pull up assist bands in order to help you slowly progress into the routine. Do not let the ‘assist’ word fool you. It would definitely still take a lot of effort for most people in training to lift themselves even with the assist bands. However, these bands take a bit of the weight off from the user’s feet to ensure that the user develops proper form first before focusing on the full body weight training.

3. Slow But Steady Progress In Pull Ups

Pull up assist bands are like huge rubber bands with rated elastic resistance. It is installed hanging from the pull up bar, while the lower part is looped around below the user’s feet. What the pull up band does is to use its elastic resistance to ‘carry’ a bit of the user’s weight, thereby making it easier for the user to learn the exercise.

These assist bands have rated resistance capacities, which you can gradually reduce as you improve your upper body strength. During the early stages of your pull up practice, you can use the highest-rated assist bands in order to minimise the effort on your arms and back. At the beginning of your training, the focus would be for you to develop the proper form and muscle memory.

Once you get comfortable with the motions, you can then begin reducing the capacity, bringing more of your body weight into the routine. Be sure not to move up without being fully comfortable with your form and, at the same time, without sacrificing your training progress. As always, you want to push yourself to increase your strength, but being mindful of proper form to take care of your body.

As you slowly decrease your assist bands, you will get increasingly stronger and you will be able to finally reach the level at which you are lifting your full body weight. At this point, you will now focus on reaching the maximum number of repetitions within a defined time limit. Military trainees are usually challenged to accomplish the most number of pull ups in one minute. Aside from the amount of pull ups, the proper form and consistency are also being observed while you are doing your pull up workouts. When you actually begin your boot camp training, you will be sure to surprise your mates and your instructors when you finally show them your pull up capabilities.


Joining the military is a major undertaking for you. As such, you’d have to do a lot of preparatory work physically in order to qualify as fit for the military. Moreover, you’d need to have the discipline to endure in training. Having the right accessory for your workouts, such as assist bands for your pull up drills, can actually give you an edge, as well as develop the form and ability you will need to do your pull ups successfully. Although pull ups are just one of many workouts you will undergo once you do enter the military, it is one of the most challenging drills. You’d want to get your pull ups right from the very start.


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