5 Ways to Track your Fitness Outdoors

If you are serious about your outdoor exercises for fitness, there is a great need to start monitoring changes that occur in your body and the workouts you are involved.

Tracking the progress of your fitness workouts do not sorely involve taking your weight each morning and wondering why you haven’t lost any weight.

Tracking your outdoor fitness makes you more focused to achieve the desired results.

Here are five of the ways you can track your outdoor fitness for better results:

1. Use of Wearable Fitness Trackers

When performing vigorous workouts, for example, running, jogging or cycling, it is important to have a wearable fitness tracker to monitor your activity and, subsequently, your progress.

You can obtain watches that can tell the distance you have covered and the estimated number of calories you have managed to burn during your workout.

These watches from Suunto also help you track your heart rate during the workouts and give you recommendations to improve your overall fitness.

2. Taking your Measurements and Keeping Records

Though this may seem pretty obvious, there are many different ways you can track the change in your body. This will depend on the type of exercise you are engaged in and what you are hoping to achieve at the end.

Monitoring and recording of your body is important to discern how outdoor fitness exercises are changing your entire body.

3. Using Fitness Tracking Apps

These are apps that are installed on your mobile phone or your fitness tracking devices, and they are used to record fitness activities.

These apps monitor and record the pace, route, and elevation during workouts, they also show the real-time status of your jogging, running and/or other activities.

Use of fitness tracking apps to track your outdoor fitness activities helps you to set your fitness goals and share progress with your friends to enable a healthier-behaviour change.

Since these devices can be used to create a competitive element for family and friends, it helps to motivate an individual to achieve their set targets.

4. Working out with a Goal in Mind

If you decide to do your outdoor fitness workouts without a specific or general goal, it may prove quite challenging to know whether you are making any progress, and it will be challenging to stick with your exercise programme.

Other than losing weight and gaining muscle, which is generally the two primary goals for most people, it is important to consider different ways in which you will benefit from your outdoor fitness activities. All these reasons will act as motivation to achieve your set goal.

5. Have a Regular Workout Schedule with Set Time

Most people who are committed to their outdoor workouts will do so early in the morning and late at night. To track the progress of your workouts, you need to schedule a specific time for your workouts and follow it.

Having a set time also ensures that you do not miss your workouts due to other commitments.


These ways of tracking outdoor fitness can help you measure the effectiveness of the exercises and training programmes you are taking part in and therefore sustaining the motivation to achieve your goals.

From observation and analysis of the results, obtained from different records and data, encourages better and healthier habits.


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