What is Farm Fitness?

What is Farm Fitness?

Developed by Tom Kemp, a personal trainer:

“Farm Fitness is a unique outdoor-workout concept – a custom training facility with an idyllic farmyard backdrop.” (HCM, 2018, p. 12).

What does it Involve?

Sessions involve a blend of:

  • Modified strongman;
  • Functional bodybuilding;
  • Calisthenics; and
  • Cardiovascular efforts.

These elements are offered across four classes:

  • BOOM:
  • BUILD;
  • BURN; and
  • BLAST.

Other Sessions

Farm Fitness has rapidly expanded to offer:

  • Personal training sessions;
  • Small group training sessions;
  • Boot Camps;
  • Private group sessions;
  • Tailored corporate events; and
  • The Farm Fitness event series, pop up events and retreats.

You read more about Farm Fitness here.


HCM (Health Club Management). (2018) Tom Kemp: Founder, Farm Fitness. Health Club Management. August 2018.


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