What is Aerial Fitness?

What is Aerial?

Aerial (fitness) can be described “…as circus skills for ordinary people, think upside-down yoga, static trapeze, hoops, silks and ropes.” (HCM, 2018, p.11).

What is Flying Fantastic?

Edel Wigan and her husband first encountered aerial when living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2009 – which was very popular in the city with around 50 school delivering lessons.

After returning to London, UK, a year later they could not find any venues offering this form of fitness and, so, decided to set-up themselves. Initially in Battersea, they have branched out Waterloo, Wimbledon, and Old Street.

They have also added kids classes and are looking to expand via franchise model.

Why Flying Fantastic?

“”It was difficult to know what wording to use,” say Wigan. “If you mentioned circus, people thought of juggling, and no one knew what aerial meant.” (HCM, 2018, p.10).

How Popular is it?

Flying Fantastic has approximately 600 people each week attending classes across the four sites.

Who Goes to Classes?

Although Flying Fantastic caters for all age groups and abilities, it mainly appeals to women aged between 18 and 45.

The oldest client has been a 74 YO having a birthday party.

How Many in a Class?

There can be 6 and 18 people per class, with 6 student per teacher.


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