Overweight & Obese Exercisers: Being Client-Centric

Lauretta Johnnie, a plus-sized personal trainer (PT), states:

“Obesity is becoming the new normal.” (2017, p.8).

Lauretta gives the reader an insight into why she decided to become a PT and then start her own business geared towards overweight exercisers. She then gives a brief outline of some of the individuals who have taken part in her sessions. Lauretta then progresses to highlight some of the reasons why overweight individuals may not be comfortable exercising in a gym environment, ‘places of exclusion’ is the term she uses. Finally, Lauretta provides the reader with some useful tips ‘to enhance your practice’ as a fitness professional.

I think Lauretta’s article links nicely with the one written by PT Direct which talks about being client-centric.


REPS UK (2017) Every Body Has A Story. Fitness Matters: Official Magazine of REPS UK. Issue, Spring 2017. Leeds: Coachwise Limited.


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