What Would You Like To Read?

Nutrition (Photo credit: The Noun Project)

If there is a particular topic or subject that you would like to read about then let Parabellum know 🙂

Topics/subjects that are planned for the future include:

  1. Nutrition in the Military (currently being drafted);
  2. CPD (continuing professional development) in a fitness context;
  3. DITS (Defence Instructional Techniques) course outline;
  4. Components of energy expenditure;
  5. Glycaemic index and load;
  6. Metabolic syndrome;
  7. Sports Nutrition and exercise performance;
  8. Regulation of body weight and composition;
  9. Training in the UK military;
  10. The Cooper test;
  11. Science of the Hills;
  12. CECS  (Chornic Exertional Compartment Sydrome); and
  13. Exertional Heat Illnesses.

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