Sleep Hygiene & Exercise

J-j-j-jesse's girl! (that would be me)
J-j-j-jesse’s girl! (that would be me) (Photo credit: bittermelon)

Parabellum generally sleeps well, but according to “The Great British Bedtime Report” the average Briton goes to bed at 11.15 pm and achieves just six hours and 35 minutes of sleep (that’s me), with a third of adults getting less than six hours.

However, previous research argued that less than 5 hours and over 8 hours could lead to greater health and medical issues.

Poor ‘sleep hygiene’ such as watching television, checking emails, and using a laptop in bed can result in electronic insomnia.

All of these can create stress, and they all emit bright light, which disrupts production of natural sleep hormones.

Exercise is the most useful solution to improve sleep.

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