How Much Blood in the Human Body?

Which is the most accurate statement? Adults generally have 2-4 litres of blood. Adults generally have 3-5 litres of blood. Adults generally have 4-6 litres of blood. Adults generally have 5-7 litres of blood. Advertisements


Too Little Salt In Diet Can Be As Bad As Too Much

A lack of salt in the diet can increase the risk of a major cardiovascular event and death, just as consuming too much salt does, research has shown. Previous studies have suggested a “J shaped” association between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease or death, but many of these studies included participants at high cardiovascular risk… Read More

Salt & Drugs: Don’t Just be Wary of Food Content!

Research Paper Title Association between Cardiovascular Events and Sodium-containing Effervescent, Dispersible, and Soluble Drugs: Nested Case-control Study. Study Question Do patients taking sodium-containing formulations of prescription drugs have a higher incidence of cardiovascular events than patients taking those same drugs in formulation that do not contain sodium? Summary Answer Patients prescribed sodium-containing effervescent, dispersible, and… Read More

News: The WHO, Sodium and Potassium

WHO Issues New Guidance on Dietary Salt and Potassium Adults should consume less than 2,000 mg (2 grams) of sodium, or 5 grams of salt, and at least 3,510 mg (3.5 grams) of potassium per day, according to new guidelines issued by the WHO. A person with either elevated sodium levels and low potassium levels… Read More