Nature & DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

“Pain exists to get an animal to change its behaviour. This functional account of pain may explain some ongoing mysteries, such as the cause of the muscle soreness that follows a day of intense exercise, which has eluded physiological explanation. The popular idea that it is due to the build-up of lactic acid has been discounted, as have other proposed theories. Body builders… Read More


Special Forces: Training, MRIs & Overuse Injuries in the Spine:

Research Paper Title Magnetic Resonance Imaging Showed No Signs of Overuse or Permanent Injury to the Lumbar Sacral Spine during a Special Forces Training Course. Background Special Forces training is even more demanding than that of elite athletes. The training includes gruelling physical activity and periods of sleep deprivation. The soldiers routinely carry heavy loads… Read More

Overuse Injuries in Basic Military Training: 1994

Research Paper Title The Incidence of Overuse Injuries in Military recruits during Basic Military Training. Background A study was undertaken to document the incidence of overuse injuries sustained during basic military training. Method The injuries in military recruits (N = 1,261) undergoing basic training were documented prospectively over a 9-week period. Injury incidence was expressed… Read More