What was the HMS Kilbride Mutiny (1919)?

Introduction HMS Kilbride was a sloop of the Kil class which were also referred to as gunboats, built for the Royal Navy during the First World War. It was designed for anti-submarine warfare, but was completed too late in the war to be used extensively in that role. The class were designed to be double-ended… Read More


What was the Southampton Mutiny (1919)?

Introduction The 1919 Southampton mutiny was a mutiny in the British Army which occurred in January 1919 in the aftermath of World War I. The soldiers, after being misinformed that they were being transported to Southampton to be demobilised, were then ordered to board troop ships for France. The mutiny was brought to an end… Read More

What was the Singapore Mutiny (1915)?

Introduction The 1915 Singapore Mutiny, also known as the 1915 Sepoy Mutiny or the Mutiny of the 5th Light Infantry, was a mutiny involving up to half of a regiment of 850 Indian Muslim sepoys against the British in Singapore during the First World War. The mutiny, on 15 February 1915, lasted nearly seven days.… Read More

What was the Etaples Mutiny (1917)?

Introduction The Étaples mutiny was a series of mutinies in September 1917 by British Army and British Imperial soldiers at a training camp in the coastal port of Étaples in Northern France during World War I. Refer to the Singapore Mutiny (1915) and French Army Mutinies (1917). Background Before the war, Étaples, 15 miles (24… Read More

What were the French Army Mutinies (1917)?

Introduction The 1917 French Army mutinies took place amongst French Army troops on the Western Front in Northern France during World War I. Refer to the Singapore Mutiny (1915) and the Etaples Mutiny (1917). They started just after the unsuccessful and costly Second Battle of the Aisne, the main action in the Nivelle Offensive in… Read More

What was the Townsville Mutiny (1942)?

Introduction The Townsville mutiny was a mutiny by African American servicemen of the United States Army while serving in Townsville, Australia, during World War II. Refer to Zoot Suit Riots (1943), Battle of Brisbane (1942), and Battle of Manners Street (1943). Background About 600 African American troops from the 96th Battalion, US Army Corps of… Read More

What was the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783?

Introduction The Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 (also known as the Philadelphia Mutiny) was an anti-government protest by nearly 400 soldiers of the Continental Army in June 1783. The mutiny, and the refusal of the Executive Council of Pennsylvania to stop it, ultimately resulted in Congress of the Confederation vacating Philadelphia and the creation of a… Read More