Orders: Object, Means & Execution…

“A present ungraciously given is ungraciously received; an order badly given is badly executed.” [“L’Ame du Soldat”] “The crisp, calculated, and forceful way of giving an order should produce a forceful way of executing it.” [“L’Ame du Soldat”] “In giving an order we should first consider the object; secondly, calculate the means; for it is… Read More


The Estimate Process for Non-Combat Decision-Making

Introduction There are many of us in the RAF who have never heard of the Estimate and others who have heard of it but have not had any tuition in its use. As a result, it is often considered something of a ‘black art’ and strictly for the use of senior personnel who are involved… Read More

Love & Plans…

“Never fall in love with a plan!” Lieutenant  Colonel  Phil Tracy (US Marine Corps during Operation United Shield) Operation United Shield was the codename of a military operation, conducted 09 January 1995 to 03 March 1995, bringing a conclusion to the United Nations Operation in Somalia II (UNOSOM II). Commanded by the United States, two… Read More